Parenting is HARD…

How I feel after this week…

Happy Sunday Readers!!  Can I just say its been a rough week…again I feel.  Parenting is hard, y’all. My oldest has struggled with allergies (HELLO POLLEN). Claritin and allergy eye drops and he’s still miserable. My youngest has been bull-headed…refuses to listen, refuses to potty in toilet, the list goes on and on…

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Life As I Know It

Just a Brief Note…

Happy Sunday everyone.  So this week has been a little crazy hectic and so I didn’t get to get a full blog post up.  BUTTTTTTTTTT…..I didn’t want to skip.  Anyone struggle with feeling like they’ve got it all together??  OMG totally me this week.  Between my foot injury 2 weeks ago (finally found out it was ligament injury and truly not a break) to my son struggling with some 24-48 hr stomach thing…I just feel like I accomplished ZERO.

As I sit here thinking I’ve done zero this week, I look around the apartment (as my youngest tears up his Halloween costume 🤦🏼‍♀️) and see the place looks livable.  A few weeks ago it wasn’t….seriously…there were still boxes around, trash that needed to get to the dumpster, and clothes that needed put away.  Now it’s all put away, taken to the dump, etc…

I think I wanted to post this simply as a reminder…to me, to others, to anyone who needs it….Even when you feel like you’ve gone through a week and feel like nothing has been done…look around.  There are little things you’ve accomplished…YOU.  You can do it.  You can accomplish it.  <3. Have a great week everyone.❤️


Catherine ❤

Meal Prepping

Meal Prep…

Am I the only one that struggles to meal prep?  It just seems so daunting.  I get the benefits, because I do it, but the idea of thinking of some different meals at times is overwhelming.  Is this just me?  My plan each week is to have my planned meals written out in my planner by Saturday…but let’s be honest…I haven’t even started.  As I sit here staring at my planner, I wonder if it’s just me.

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I’m a boy mom.

So yeah…I’m a boy mom. I don’t get to do the princess dress-ups, or tea parties. I don’t get to teach someone how to do their makeup or buy pretty dresses and bows. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I get to watch them play cars and trucks and pretend they are monsters. I watch them play police. Their imagination runs wild and I enjoy it.

One day they’ll grow up to marry the girl of their dreams and then I’ll have my daughter(s), but until that day comes…I’ll play cars and Mario and watch boy things. 💙