A 2018 Reflection

First…thanks be to God. He has blessed my family and I this year beyond measure. Through every high and low season, He was there. For those hills and valleys in 2019, I know He will be with us. Without Him, I am not sure I would have made it through some of those tough seasons this year. To say this year was AWESOME…would be a slight understatement. But to say my God is AWESOME…thats 100% true.

Second…my husband and kids. They are my world…From my crazy ideas, to my wanting to sell our first home and move to a new school district, to my love of Disney…my husband has stood by me through it all. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t how we necessarily planned for some of it to go…but he was there for every part of it. He doesn’t get enough credit sometimes for the things I do and for him going along with it. He has stopped some crazy ideas I have had, but supports me for the others. My kids are looped in with this as well. They may have some stories to tell as they get older, but at the end of the day the reason we do and did what we did was for them. I hope one day when they get older and understand more, they understand why we did things the way we did.

Third…my family. They have also supported us this year. They’ve helped keep the kids, helped us pack, and so much more. They fed my Disney obsession with their 2017 gift of an annual pass. :-P. My in-laws have supported us through everything and both sets of parents have covered us in prayers when we needed it.

Fourth…my work family. Y’all don’t know how much y’all mean to me. Even if they don’t see this, I had to include them. This year has been quite a season for us, yet we persevered though many changes and many continuing changes. Thanks to them for listening and having to deal with my crazy 5 days a week as the stress of the job and all the home selling and buying started. They’ve helped me through my anxious days and my struggle days and always helped to keep me on track. We are quite the team and I am thankful everyday for y’all.

As 2018 comes to a close, I end it feeling settled. Accomplished. Content. Ready to Grow. Ready to change. Determined. Ready to Rock Out in 2019. Bring. It. On.

Thanks everyone for following along in this journey. In 2019, my goal is to post weekly on different things. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

Happy New Years All.


Published by cvarnadoe88

Hi everyone! I am Catherine. I am a wife, mother, nurse, and a little bit of everything else in between. I wanted to start this blog to talk about things of life, planning, my faith, and traveling. I hope you enjoy it!

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