I Miss Disney

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Have you ever wanted to go to a specific place, but can’t because of work and school…? THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW!!!  I grew up going to Disney (usually for Spring Break) and it was a big deal and vacation each year.  As I grew older, my love for Disney diminished slightly (I was a teen who was “picked on” for things I liked–30 yr old me wishes I could tell teenage me not to care), but my love for Disney was always there.

So it’s no surprise when I had my kids, my love for Disney would be re-invigorated more than I could have ever imagines.  I think I have more excitement as an adult as I did have excitement as a child.  I quickly realized I wanted my kids to experience Disney as I did growing up.  I really want to be there as I type this.  My happiness is there, my fun is there.  I love the rides (even the ones I’ve ridden a MILLION times)…  There is something about this place.

When I get the chance to go, I take it…My husband doesn’t understand it…It’s hard to explain to him, but he humors me and lets me plan trips.    I say all of this to say…I am well-versed in Disney.  I love to plan trips and I love to help others plan or give advice when planning.  I am looking forward to planning our next trip in 2019!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my somewhat random post today and if you ever find yourself with a Disney question….ask away.

Thanks for reading,


Caribbean Beach Resort 2017

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