Meal Prep…

Am I the only one that struggles to meal prep?  It just seems so daunting.  I get the benefits, because I do it, but the idea of thinking of some different meals at times is overwhelming.  Is this just me?  My plan each week is to have my planned meals written out in my planner by Saturday…but let’s be honest…I haven’t even started.  As I sit here staring at my planner, I wonder if it’s just me.


The first thing I look at when beginning my meal prep for the next week is my meal from the previous week.  I try to not plan the same meals week after week in an effort to not tire myself of it.  Consistently, I stick to a few key meals and snacks.  I ALWAYS do my Advocare Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast simply because it’s quick and I can run out of the door with it in the mornings…secondly my snacks stay pretty consistent from week to week…grapes, apples with peanut butter, usually a fruit and nut bar, and yogurt or some other protein.  So that leaves me with lunches and dinners…With two kids who are picky eaters, and a husband who works opposite shifts that me, its hard.  So for my meals, I tend to do lots of chicken…if anyone has any suggestions for meals, I am all ears. I look forward to hearing ideas from everyone!


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Hi everyone! I am Catherine. I am a wife, mother, nurse, and a little bit of everything else in between. I wanted to start this blog to talk about things of life, planning, my faith, and traveling. I hope you enjoy it!

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