10 Things About Me

Hi Y’all.  Thanks for coming to visit my little blog.  As I begin to delve into this world of blogging, I thought I would spend this post to talk a little about some of my favorite things to help you get to know me.  So, below I have 10 things about me…enjoy!


This is me back in 2015 on a family vacation to the Bahamas.

  1.  I am the only girl in my family.  I have 2 younger brothers, one which just got married in July so I have finally inherited a sister.



My brother and his wife (left) and both brothers on vacation one year (right).

2.  I LOVE all things Disney.  I was raised on Disney, I watch all the movies and I love to vacation there.  If I could ever be given the opportunity to work there….I would.

3.  I also LOVE the Bahamas.  My family tries to travel there once a year (usually Summer) to utilize a timeshare they’ve had for years.

4.  I have never broken a bone (*Knocks on wood*)

5. I was an elementary education major for 2 years prior to changing my major to nursing.

6.  I’m a proud University of South Carolina alumni.  GO GAMECOCKS!!

7.  I love all varieties of music–90’s, oldies, classic rock…you name it, I am sure I have heard it or enjoy it.

8.  My husband and I met my senior year of high school…it was always funny because I went to private school and he had graduated from the public school in town in 2004.  He always had said he wouldn’t date someone from the private school….that obviously changed when he met me. HAHA

9.  My favorite TV series would have to be Supernatural.  The premise of the show and the story of brotherhood is amazing.  Plus, I share my birthday with Jared Padalecki 😊.

10.  As well as being new to blogging, I am also somewhat new to planning.  I have always had paper planners through school and even into my career, but its gone to a new level when I bought my first Erin Condren planner in 2018.

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